Friday, March 12, 2010

Ice Desserts Menu

Ice Desserts

fruit sagoo & such:
mango fruit sagoo RM2.50
honeydew fruit sagoo RM2.50
soursop fruit sagoo RM2.50
kiwi fruit sagoo RM3.00
bingsoo (fruit cocktail on ice)RM3.50
kakigori (sweet syrup on ice) RM2.00

fruit sagoo in santan:
mango with sagoo RM3.50
jackfruit (nangka) with sagoo RM3.50
sagoo gula melaka RM2.00

malaysian classics:
ais kacang (ABC) RM2.50
ais kacang special RM4.00
cendol RM2.00
cendol berdansa RM3.50
durian cendol RM4.00

ice desserts with ice-cream:

chocolate banana ice-cream RM4.00
mango fruit sagoo with ice-cream RM4.00
honeydew fruit sagoo with ice-cream RM4.00
soursop fruit sagoo with ice-cream RM4.00
kiwi fruit sagoo with ice-cream RM4.00
fruity mix with ice-cream RM5.00

Waffle Menu


local favourites:
chocolate waffle RM2.50
strawberry waffle RM2.50
peanut butter waffle RM2.50
kaya spread waffle RM2.50
butter & honey waffle RM2.50

fruit delights:
kiwi waffle RM3.50
soursop waffle RM3.50
honeydew waffle RM3.50
mango waffle RM3.50
durian waffle RM4.00

ice-cream cravings:
ice-cream waffle RM4.00
chocolate banana ice-cream waffle RM5.00
kiwi-topped ice-cream waffle RM5.00
soursop-topped ice-cream waffle RM5.00
mango-topped ice-cream waffle RM5.00
honeydew-topped ice-cream waffle RM5.00
durian-topped ice-cream waffle RM6.00

our signature waffles:
oreo & ice-cream waffle RM6.00
yogurt & ice-cream waffle RM6.00
cheese & ice-cream waffle RM7.00

Friday, March 5, 2010

Presents Official Blogspot 2010

Welcome to Presents Waffles & Ice Desserts official blog!

Find us at:

no 1089 Uptown Hawkers
Damansara Utama
Block A (East Side) back rows near Steven's
Open daily except for Mondays
6pm til midnight

Come & enjoy our tasty waffles & ices!

for more info e-mail us at